Books can inspire.  They can enchant.  They can delight and they can heal.
Multicultural books can be especially powerful in celebrating diversity and teaching tolerance and helping us explore the world in a way that is creative, positive and powerful. I’ve created this website to share some of my favorite picks.  But – please – write to me and share yours as well.  I’d love to add the book or the book review here.

Along with book reviews and cover art, I’ve also added sections where you can look up books by culture, country, age range, topics, or by subcategories such as holiday books or counting books.   I also have a free book bin.  If you don’t mind sharing this website with others, I’d be happy to send you your choice of a great book off my free book bin shelves!  Even the postage is on me!

I truly hope you enjoy your visit here and find some great new books that light up your world!


Banner artwork is by multicultural artist, Farah Aria, who also illustrates many great children’s books. You can see her work at www.faraharia.com.