The First Strawberries


the-first-strawberries-cover-pic(Folktale Retold) By Joseph BruchacIllustrations by Anna Vojtech

Have you ever been angry and said something that you regretted later?
This is a beautifully retold and wonderfully illustrated Cherokee legend about the first man and woman who lived in an amazingly beautiful world.  One day, however, they argued and the woman felt hurt and ran away.  The man could not make her stop, so the Sun had to help in a most creative and unusual way.
By the end of the book, everyone understands the value of not speaking in anger and of honestly seeking to work out difficulties and misunderstandings.  Along with being a beautiful folktale, this book is a great discussion starter for kids of all ages.


Have you ever said words you wanted to take back?
How could things have been done differently?
Have you ever been hurt by words?
How could things have been done differently?
What helped the first man and woman make peace in this story?
What kinds of things can help kids or people make peace in real life?

Suggested Reading Level – Ages 3 and up 

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