On the Day You Were Born

Written by Debra Frasier
“On the eve of your birth … the Earth and her creatures with the Sun and the Moon all moved in their places, each ready to greet you the very first moment of the very first day you arrived.” Every child loves to hear the story of how they came into being.  This beautifully illustrated book tells a tale of the value and beauty of each new addition to the human family.
Reading Level – Baby – Preschool

Debra Frasier's modern classic On the Day You Were Born has been welcoming babies into the world for more than a decade--and has sold over a million copies. Now this favorite hardcover book comes to life with a musical CD featuring an original composition by Matthew Smith to accompany the author's moving narration.

The spinning earth, the glowing moon, the rising tides--each natural wonder appears in an evocative instrumental arrangement that makes for a moving and memorable gift, perfect to celebrate the arrival of every new baby.
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