Ruby Holler

Written by Sharon Creech
Dallas and Florida are older kids in Foster care who have the unfortunate nickname of the trouble twins.  A chance to live with a new family arises, but it’s with a couple who are grandparents. Will this be one more disappointment for them or will everyone find out how real love and appreciation can change the lives of everyone it touches.  A well-written young adult fiction book with some really great little plot twists to keep anyone turning pages until the end.
Suggested Reading Level: Ages 9-12

Ruby Holler (Library Binding)

By (author): Sharon Creech

Dallas and Florida, dubbed the trouble twins, have been shuffled between foster families all their lives. Filled with humor and poignancy, this delightful book by the Newbery Medalist is about a special place where it's never too late to be loved.
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