Before You Were Here, Mi Amor (English and Spanish Edition)

Written by Samantha Vamos
How did your family prepare for you when you were a baby-to-be?  In this beautiful story that is a mainly in English with Spanish words and phrases mixed in, you see a family preparing for a welcome new arrival in so many wonderful ways.  A great book about babies, families and for bilingual or ESL classes.
Reading Level: Preschool – Grade 1

Before you were here, tu papi carved a mecedora from the wood of an old walnut tree so you and I could rock and cuddle together.

The members of a familia lovingly prepare for a new bebé. A tenderly written story, with Spanish words woven throughout, tells readers how Mami is eating healthy food, Papi is building a rocking chair, Abuela is painting elefantes and tigres, in the nursery, and brother and sister are helping with baby names.

With its vibrant and warm illustrations, this debut picture book is perfect for expectant parents or children curious about the time before they were here.

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