Beautiful Like Me


Beautiful Like MeWritten By Joanie Boney, Illustrated By Emily Zieroth

Did you ever move as a child? It’s tough, right?

Well this is the story of a little girl who moves to a new school in a new country. And – as difficult as that is – she has the good fortune of meeting three really kind girls who help her find her place in a new world that looks quite different from her home across the sea. This children’s story works beautifully on so many levels. The girls get to talk about what’s it’s like to be different from their friends, mentioning things like hair type, skin color and nationality. At the same time, they share great child-like wisdom such as “we are all different but we are all beautiful”.

And, to make the book even better, there’s a second half that’s colorable, so you kids can add your own touch to the story and the pictures.

This is a wonderful book that can be read just for fun or used to open up great discussions about diversity, celebrating diversity, what it means to be different and what it means to be a good friend.

You can get it on Amazon or Kindle, here:

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