A Wonderful “Who Is My Mommy” Story – A Mother for Choco


Screen shot 2014-10-19 at 5.34.05 PMWritten and Illustrated by Keiko Kasza

Choco is a little bird who is very sad. He doesn’t know who his mother is, but he is certain of one thing. His mother will look just like him…right?

This sweet little bird’s journey to find “mom” is a touching story with a happy ending.  But the ending is not what Choco expected which asks and answers many important questions; such as “does a family have to look alike to be a family?”, “What makes a perfect mom or parent?”.  It’s a great read for any child, but especially helpful and enjoyable as a book that addresses the issues of adoption, cross-cultural adoption or being different.

Written and illustrated by Keiko Kasza; a talented artist who was born on a small island in Japan, this is a truly charming picture book that brings home the point is that love – not looks – that make a family real!






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