Motherbridge of Love


Written by Xinran, Illustrated By Josée Masse

How do you answer an adopted child’s questions when they ask – “Who is my mother?” or “where do I come from?”.  This beautiful book presents a lovely and poetic way to share an explanation of the combined heritages of adoptive children.

The book is actually a poem that was submitted anonymously to the charity – Motherbridge of Love.
Located in the UK, Motherbridge of Love, was set up by prominent Chinese Journalist and author Xinran who wanted to find a way to connect adopted girls from China with their birth culture

Not only beautifully written, but elegantly illustrated by Josée Masse, the book also shares a version of the poem written in Chinese calligraphy.  A wonderful find for anyone who has adopted or is considering adoption, every page of this book shares a message of the love and care that link the birth mother, the adopted mother and the child through a “motherbridge of love.”

Highly recommended!

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