Jin Jin the Dragon


Written by Grace Chang, Illustrated By Chong Chang

On Monday, January 23, 2012 the Lunar New Year is here! For the next 15 days billions (literally) of people will be celebrating 2012, as the year of the dragon. Here are two of our favorite books about Chinese dragons.

For an introduction to Chinese dragons, there is no greater book than Jin Jin The Dragon. Beijing-native Grace Chang has crafted a magical story about a dragon who is searching for his identity. With help from many wise animals he meets on his quest, he gets a name, and learns what he can accomplish with his inner strength and courage.

This book chosen and reviewed by Becky Morales of Kid World Citizen.  There are lots of wonderful resources for learning more about Chinese New Year as well as a host of exciting world cultural traditions at: kidworldcitizen.org

Jin Jin the Dragon (Hardcover)

By (author): Grace Chang

In this captivating tale, the newly hatched Jin Jin goes on a quest to discover what sort of a creature he is. Along the way he meets a fish, an eagle, a lion, and many other animals with which he shares some characteristics. As he compares himself to them he declares, "I'm a little part of each of you, but not quite like any of you!" Then when he meets Turtle and Old Crane, not only does he find out that he's a dragon, but very special dragon. He's a Chinese dragon, unlike most dragons depicted in fairy tales and furthermore, he has a very special talent. As the story unfolds, readers learn about Chinese culture, the origin of Chinese characters and the lore of Chinese dragons. Jin Jin the dragon is a charming parable of self-discovery suitable for children wondering about their own identities and origin.
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