I love books that take you to exciting new locations.

Terri Thompson’s new e-book for young kids is a perfect example of how to travel and learn about the world from the comfort of your family’s kitchen table or armchair.  In her 25 page e-book, there are lots of fun facts about Alaska and it’s history, plus all the type of topics that really intrigue young learners – dog sled races, Northern lights, glaciers, totem poles, black bears and bald eagles.

I especially love the hands-on crafts and the list of additional resources at the end of the book that point to great places to visit if you want to learn more.  The crafts are wonderful ways to bring different aspects of Alaska’s heritage to life and include projects to make “shiny salmon”, moose silhouettes, crayon resist Northern lights and personal totem poles.

This book is highly recommended, especially for young learners and homeschoolers – it’s packed with both learning and fun!

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