Skin Colors

Written and Illustrated By Sheila Hamanaka

What colors do children come in?  All the colors of the earth!

Japanese-American author and illustrator, Sheila Hamanaka weaves a beautiful picture of how our skin and hair color is just one part of the incredible beauty and diversity found in nature.  Both kids and adults will delight in the way Shiela describes the colors found in world peoples in ways that are strong and vibrant such as “the roaring browns of bears” or compares hair types to those of mermaids or “…hair that curls like sleeping cats in snoozy cat colors”.  Wonderful illustrations taken from original oil paintings make this a great picture book for younger children as well.

At a time where children will encounter a great deal of diversity in the world around them, books like this encourage a sense of wonder and delight in difference – a perfect antidote to intolerance, ignorance and fear.

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