Written by Pooja Makhijani, Illustrated By Elena Gomez

This book is a gentle and moving story of a young girl whose family no longer lives in India.  However, her mother has a suitcase of her special and beautiful saris underneath her bed that she brings out and wears on special occasions, like the day her daughter was born.

A trip through the suitcase shares many wonderful details of family history and the girl finally convinces her mom that she is old enough to wear a beautiful sari of her own.  Which one does she pick and what special surprise does her mother have to go with the sari?  Pick up this book to experience a wonderful dress-up adventure, Indian style.

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By Barbara M. Joose
Illustrations by Brabara Lavallee

A little child asks the timeless question…”Mama, Do You Love Me?”.  As you can imagine the mother answers with a “yes”.  Then the little girl questions her further.  What if she were naughty, or ran away or even turned into a bear and chased her mother, would she love her still?  Set in the Inuit (Eskimo) culture, the mom answers each one of these wonderful questions in the perfect way, showing how a parent’s love is always present and unconditional.

Both the wonderfully silly questions (Mama would you love me if I put salmon in your parka and lemmings in your mukluks?) and the abidingly touching responses are perfect for reading to a child or young children.   The beautiful and expressive folk art illustrations and glossary in the back are a fun way to explore Inuit culture while enjoying the universal theme of a mother’s love for her child.


What might it be like to live with the Inuit (Eskimo) people.

Do you think mothers (and fathers) everywhere love their children?

Suggested Reading Level – Ages 3 and up (or preschool and up)

Categories : Moms
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Great books for counting and learning numbers coming soon!

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