Christmas DayChristmas Day in the Morning
by Pearl S. Buck

Money is tight at Christmas and a young boy wonders what he can possibly get his Dad to show him how much he loves him. After lot of anxiety and stress, he finally comes up with the best present of all and this tale of a quiet, love-filled Christmas will totally inspire and warm your heart.

Written by author and humanitarian, Pearl S. Buck, this older book (originally published in 1955) has been reissued with beautiful, full color paintings as the illustrations. If you’re looking for a book that focuses on the holiday spirit of love and giving – this is a perfect Christmas book to pick!

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Quiero A mi mama coverWritten By Laurel Porter Gaylord
Illustrated By Ashley Wolff

A beautiful little “first book” for young children, especially those learning in both English and Spanish.  Colorful illustrations of animal families are used to share the concepts of loving and caring that children will relate directly to their own lives.

I especially appreciated how this book focuses on the simple interactions that are so meaningful to both parent and child: listening while a child talks, tucking them into bed, singing a song for them, etc.  Whether you’re adding this book for home or the early education classroom, you’ll get get hours of enjoyment from this wonderful board book for bilingual babies and toddlers!

Find This Book on here: Quiero a mi Mama Porque (I Love my Mommy Because Eng/Span ed) (Spanish Edition)


Retold by Dharmachari Nagaraja

The byline of this book describes this wonderful bedtime storybook perfectly – Tales of Love and Wisdom for You to Read with Your Child to Enchant, Enlighten and Inspire.  Retold by Dharmachari Nagaraja, these 20 modern versions of classic Buddhist stories are fun, intriguing and teach profound lessons without ever seeming “preachy”.

Buddah at Bedtime is also a beautiful looking book.  It is illustrated throughout with some of the most lovely, multicultural images that bring the stories alive and don’t seem to limit them to any one tradition but could easily charm readers from any culture in the world.

Best of all – the stories delight.  Animals talk. Families travel to exciting celebrations. A rich miser learns the real value of friendship and four sisters discover the value of sharing their ideas and wisdom, instead of seeing things from only one perspective.  This is a story book that the adults in your family will enjoy at least as much as the younger listeners – perhaps even more!

Highly recommended!

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Written By Marilyn Singer, Illustrated By Frane Lessac

What is going on in the world when one mother and young child are settling down to bed at 9 PM?

Writer, Marilyn Singer takes you on a journey around the globe to see a special late night party in Puerto Rico, dolphins playing in the midnight seas of the Atlantic and a late night trip to the pantry in England.  The book visits Zaire and Switzerland, Russia and India, China, Japan, Australia and Samoa, Alaska and Los Angeles, all with engaging pictures that make you feel you’ve had a nice visit to a very special time in these remarkable locations across the planet.

Although the book sets out to explain about time zones, it really does so much more. This late night “book flight” around the globe shares a world of diverse cultures in a way that excites curiosity and enthusiasm, and hopefully a little sleepiness, too!

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