Written by Hristo Kyuchukov and Ian Hancock
Who are the people that used to be most commonly known as “gypsy”?   Where do the come from and where do they live now?  This book offers a short chronicle of their history, music and the prejudice that often met them as they traveled from place to place.  Striking older photos as well as beautiful portrayals of present day Romani life.

A History of the Romani People (Hardcover)

By (author): Hristo Kyuchukov, Ian Hancock

A thousand years ago, a group of people who later became the Romani were drive out of northern India by an invading army. This group then took to traveling the world, adopting words, cultural customs, and religious beliefs from the people they encountered throughout their journeys. Little by little, the Romani integrated these new beliefs with their old ways, eventually creating the unique Romani culture known today. Now Hristo Kyuchukov and Ian Hancock give readers the insider's perspective to this fascinating group of people. The Romani authors explain why "Gypsy" is a scornful name, and why they prefer to be called Romanies, as they call themselves. They enlighten readers to Romani traditions, such as those surrounding weddings, the arrival of a baby, and the death of a family member. Readers learn how the Romani work to keep their language and traditions alive while living in cities and towns just like the rest of us. With precision and grace, this book gives readers a glimpse into the lives lived by the Romani in the past and present, helping us to understand and appreciate this distinctive culture.
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