Meet The ObamasMeet The Obamas, America’s First Family
Written By Andrea Davis Pinkney

Get a fascinating look behind the scenes into the White House and it’s first African-American President.  And read on to meet the entire first family, plus the presidential dog, “Bo”.

Do you know how many people work at the White House?  That there’s a swimming pool, children’s garden and much more that might surprise you?  This “short but sweet” Scholastic book is a beautiful tour of President Obama’s White House complete with lots of information about the first family and moving photographs, like one young boy who asks to touch the Presidents hair to see if it was like his own.

Don’t miss the chance to chance to share these details and important aspects of the US presidency with your child through this easy-to-read, first family portrait.

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NZ bookWritten and Illustrated By Peter Gossage

This short but fact-filled book tells the complete history of the island of New Zealand through illustrations and one or two page descriptions of important events.

It starts with the  arrival of the first Polynesians peoples around 800 BC and the volcanic eruptions that shaped the island and moves forward to more modern times of British and European settlers.  It describes the culture clash between the old and the new, with a special emphasis on Maori history.

Written and illustrated by a graphic designer from NZ TV, this is an amazingly complete cultural history of New Zealand.   My only complaint is that there are not similar books for other countries all over the globe – this book is a great mini-lesson in world history!



Written by Kristin Butcher, Illustrated by Martha Newbigging

Travel back in time to discover many fascinating aspects of life in daily life in ancient Egypt.  Kristen Butcher provides a very funny history lesson that keeps both kids and adults entertained while they find out some of the best and worst jobs from the time of the Pharoahs.

So would you rather be a sandal-bearer to the Pharoah or a slave building a pyramid?  It’s a trick question.  We find out that although the sandal-bearer has an easier life, he was required to kiss the monarch’s big toe each time he put the shoes on. Yuk! Along with the description of jobs and occupations, there are plenty of details of culture, music, games, commerce, religion and life and death in Egyptian times.  Speaking of death, did you know they actually had professional mourners?

Accompanied by humorous illustrations, this book is the best kind of stealth learning. Kids can’t wait to read more and absorb the information while a clever writer helps to paint a picture of a civilization that contributed greatly to world culture.