Coloring Book CoverColoring is such a fun way to explore the world with kids.

This 14 page E-book available as an immediate digital download from TeachersPayTeachers shares a dozen different instruments from world cultures plus a map of where you might find them. Instruments included are ones that are easily recognized – like the guitar – but also more unusual instruments that come from Russia, India, China, Hawaii and South America as well.

uke bwColoring the black and white image, learning about the instrument and locating it’s country of origin are just a few ways that classrooms and homeschoolers use this book to explore a world of music.


Written And Illustrated By Patricia Polacco

A kindly old woman named Babuska is famous for her special Easter Eggs.  Each year she wins first prize for the beautiful creations she has crafted over the long cold months of winter in Russia.  But this year may be different.  Babuska has rescued a goose with a wounded wing and; by mistake, it’s broken all her marvelously crafted eggs.  Can an Easter miracle brighten the life  of the little goose and sweet, patient Babuska?

The word “Babuska” in Russian and Polish can mean old woman or grandmother.  You’ll love this tale of a special grandmother and how her kindness and faith make for the most heart-warming Easter ever.

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Written and Illustrated by Jon J. Muth

(Based on a story by Leo Tolstoy)

Have you ever had a burning question about life?  Nikolai has three of them!

He is certain that if he can answer these three important questions, he will always know what to do in life. Adapted from a well-know story by Leo Tolstoy, author and illustrator Jon Muth retells this fable with a small boy and several animals, making it fit better into a child’s world (the original story was about a czar of Russia).   As Nikolai ponders these important questions he finds himself caught up in a storm.  When he finally reaches the wise old turtle who may be able to help him, the answers become clear.

This is a beautiful, thoughtful read for parent and child alike!

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