always oliviaby Carolivia Herron, Illustrated by Jeremy Tugeau 

Sometimes family histories are complicated.  And exciting.  And amazing!

“Always An Olivia” is written as the story of an elderly African-American grandmother who lovingly passes along the details of an incredible tale to her granddaughter.  It’s the story of the journey their family made as Jews escaping persecution in Spain. Then there’s a pirate ship and a brave young girl and a landing in the US Georgia Sea Isles in a community of descendants of West African slaves. And so much more!  But throughout all this, one thing remains the same.  There is always an “Olivia” in each generation of the family.

Critically-acclaimed author Carolivia Herron shares this amazing tale that is actually based on her own unique family history and how one daughter in each generation is given the name “Olivia” to honor the past.

Along with being an exciting and informative read, the book is a good conversation starter on topics such as multiculturalism, tolerance, Jewish history, family history and discovering your roots.

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Written by and Meera Sriram and Praba Ram, Illustrations by Koel Basu

One of the great things about books is that they can take you and your family around the world.  You can visit another country or explore a different culture. And some books – like Bijoy and the Big River – have just the right combination of great information, rich photography and an engaging story.

In this book you get to visit with a young boy from the state of Assam in Northeast India.  Their family lives close to an important river that flows out of the Himalaya mountains and past their village.  A great deal of their lives revolves around the river as well as their occupation of raising silkworms and making silk.  On one special day, Bijoy gets to accompany his dad on his first ferry trip to a village famous for making some of the finest silk in the land.

Traveling with Bijoy, the wonders of this area unfold, combining details of day-to-day life with exciting experiences such as seeing river dolphins, a beautiful sunset on the river or passing a cruise ship bound for a nearby wildlife park. Bijoy and the Big River is a wonderful, children’s book that will intrigue readers of any age and encourage them to discover more about this exciting and important region of the world.

You can purchase this book from Tulika Press, a publishing house  offering exceptional books for young readers in a variety of languages including English, Telegu, Bengali, Gujarati and Tamil.  Find out more here:


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Written By Anushka Ravishankar

Illustrated By Durga Bai

One, Two, Tree by Anushka Ravishankar, Sirish Rao, and illustrated by the exceptional artist Durga Bai, is the perfect preschool or kindergarten book, counting the numerous animals that somehow fit into an enormous tree. What makes this book so remarkable is the traditional folk art, from the Gond Tribal tradition of Central India. My daughter (4) says “How can so many animals climb up a tree?!” Check out other books by internationally renown Indian author Ravishankar like award-winning Tiger on a Tree, I Like Cats, or Excuse Me, Is This India?

-Becky Morales, Kid World Citizen (

One, Two, Tree! (Hardcover)

By (author): Anushka Ravishankar, Sirish Rao

This visually stunning read-aloud book invites young children to count the improbable numbers of animals that clamber up an ever-expanding tree. Brilliant original art by a tribal woman artist from central India brings alive this vivacious and colorful tree of animals. One, Two, Tree! combines the sophistication of an art book for children with the accessibility of a read-aloud nursery rhyme tale.

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Written By Ruth Jeyaveeran
A little girl wakes up in the middle of the night to find she has been invited on a magical journey.  Her little stuffed monkey – Fuzzy Patel – wants them to attend a relative’s wedding, but they must journey throughout many beautiful spots in India to get there.  A colorful, exciting, beautifully illustrated trek across India!
Suggested Reading Level: Preschool – Grade 2

The Road to Mumbai (Hardcover)

By (author): Ruth Jeyaveeran

Along the road to Mumbai, Shoba and her monkey, Fuzzy Patel, make many new friends—mysterious monks, a curious camel, and a snake with a sensitive stomach, just to name a few. Shoba and Fuzzy are on their way to a top-secret monkey wedding. But you shouldn’t expect an invitation. According to Fuzzy, it will be the most boring wedding in the history of the universe. But magical things can happen on the road to Mumbai—and when trouble threatens to ruin the big event, unexpected friends come to the rescue.
In vivid paintings filled with color and light (and more than one uninvited guest!), Ruth Jeyaveeran brings the beauty and excitement of India alive for children everywhere to enjoy.
List Price: $16.00 USD
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Anno’s USA

Created by Mitsumasa Anno
As a young boy from Tsuwano in western Japan, Mitsumasa Anno always dreamed of faraway places.  This picture book of Mitsumasa Anno’s beautiful sketches tell a wonderful story of a journey across the land sharing the diversity of American cultures as seen through the eyes of a talented visiting artist.
Suggested Reading Level : This is a picture book, but engaging for all ages

Anno's USA (Paperback)

By (author): Mitsumasa Anno

Come along for a wonder-filled exploration of fabulous cities, picturesque villages and uniquely various inhabitants. Anno's USA is a true journey of surprise and discovery! A visual masterpiece.A wonderfully playful evocation of our history and culture. -- The New York Times Then and now are illustrated in scenes that tease the memory and will involve grownups with children in the zesty adventures of identifying commemorated events and people. -- Publishers Weekly, boxed review The book is a joyous paean to the homely details and glorious landscapes of our country; as such it rejoices both the mind and the heart. -- The Horn Book Mitsumasa Anno lives in Japan.
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Written By Laurie Krebs
Follow a traveling merchant family for a year’s journey  along the Silk Road.  Where will they go, what will they trade?  What lands will they cross and peoples will they encounter? This poetic beautifully illustrated book is a great journey for young readers and contains excellent information about cities and places of interest on the China Silk Road. The lovely book is especially interesting for it’s way of sharing the different ethnic minorities and the great diversity of people living in this area in a beautiful and engaging way!
Suggested Reading Level: Grades 1 – 3

We're Riding on a Caravan (Paperback)

By (author): Laurie Krebs

Explore the world of stunning silk, delicious spices and exotic trade locations in this rhyming tale about a Chinese family s journey along the Silk Road, the trade route that runs thousands of miles through Asia.
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