Valentine’s Day

Written By Karen Gray Ruelle
An adorable family of cats find a way to celebrate Valentine’s Day in the Snow.  This is a great early reading book perfect for ESL (English as a Second Language Readers) and as a starting point for discussing holiday customs and how each family can celebrate customs as well as create wonderful new family memories.
Reading level: Ages 4-8

A Holiday House Reader.A brother and sister make original valentines for their parents.
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Written by Eileen Spinelli
Mr. Hatch just doesn’t seem to have many close ties to the world around him.  Then, one day a big candy heart arrives and it changes his whole outlook on the world. A beautiful little story about how appreciating others and taking the time to care can completely transform a life and enrich and enllven a community.
Reading level: Ages 4-8

One wintry day, a postman delivers a mysterious package with a big pink bow to a lonely man named Mr. Hatch.
"Somebody loves you," the note says.
"Somebody loves me!" Mr. Hatch sings as he dusts his living room. "Somebody loves me!" Mr. Hatch whistles as he does his errands in town. "But who," Mr. Hatch wonders, "could that somebody be?"
After some time, Mr. Hatch discovers just who his secret admirer is and, in doing so, enjoys the biggest surprise of his life!
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