Christmas DayChristmas Day in the Morning
by Pearl S. Buck

Money is tight at Christmas and a young boy wonders what he can possibly get his Dad to show him how much he loves him. After lot of anxiety and stress, he finally comes up with the best present of all and this tale of a quiet, love-filled Christmas will totally inspire and warm your heart.

Written by author and humanitarian, Pearl S. Buck, this older book (originally published in 1955) has been reissued with beautiful, full color paintings as the illustrations. If you’re looking for a book that focuses on the holiday spirit of love and giving – this is a perfect Christmas book to pick!

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Written by Michelle Edwards, Illustrated By Stacey Schuett

It’s really hard to celebrate a holiday after a loved one has passed away.  And this family of a dad and two children miss their mom terribly as Chanukah approaches.  Dad wants to come to the rescue and make the special treats – potato latkes – with his kids, but the experience is just not the same.

How does the family come to understand the miracle and beauty of the holiday, despite the sadness?  This story weaves a wonderful, sweet, sensitive Chanukah tale.

Suggested Reading Level – Ages  5 – 7

Papa's Latkes (Hardcover)

By (author): Michelle Edwards

A family prepares to celebrate Chanukah for the first time since Mama died — in this heartfelt, bittersweet tale that will resonate with anyone who has ever faced an empty chair at the holiday table.

Three plates, Selma reminded herself. Just three plates this Chanukah.

For Selma and her little sister, Dora, this is their first Chanukah without Mama. When Papa comes home carrying a big bag of potatoes and all the ingredients for latkes, Selma is worried. Mama always made the Chanukah latkes. Could they make them without her? In Michelle Edwards's poignant story, illustrated with Stacey Schuett's warmly glowing artwork, Selma comes to realize that while Chanukah — and especially latkes — will never be the same without Mama, Selma can still celebrate, and will always remember.
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Written by Susan E. Goodman
10 year old Cora lives on the Prarie and loves nothing better then helping her dad, an old time doctor before the days of modern medicine.  She travels with him to meet the different people who have settled their area.  This true story based on a pioneer girl is exciting and eye-opening, especially when she and her Dad get caught in a huge, consuming prarie fire and Cora’s courage helps them to survive.
Suggested Reading Level: 6 – 9

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Written by Ron Roy
Illustrations by Vo-Dinh Mai
Little Yukio comes face to face with a beached whale and he makes a promise to the animal to save him.  Can a little boy from a village who hunts whales actually save one?  What does it take to make this happen?  This is an older book with black and white illustrations but a compelling story about the power of a child’s vision and how a community and the relationships betweens fathers and sons can make a tremendous difference.
Suggested Reading Level – Grades 1 – 3

A Thousand Pails of Water (Hardcover)

By (author): Ron Roy, Dinh Mai Vo

A small boy's infectious determination saves the life of a whale beached near an oriental whaling village.
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Categories : Asian, Courageous Kids, Dads
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Everyone in town makes fun of an old man with an accent who doesn’t seem to fit in.  The boy in the story even helps tear apart his garden with a group of kids who are creating mischief.  Unable to let this deed go, the boy begins a friendship with the old man and helps him replant his garden, beginning a lifelong friendship that changes both their lives.  A great story about taking the time to care and how it can make a profound difference that reaches beyond the generations.
Reading level: Ages 4-8

The Summer My Father Was Ten (Paperback)

By (author): Pat Brisson

Every year my father and I plant a garden. Tomatoes, peppers, onions, marigold, and zinnias grow in neat, straight rows...and every spring my father tells me about Mr. Bellavista and the summer my father was ten. -From the book. That was the summer the boy lost a baseball under a tomato plant in Mr. Bellavista's garden. And someone tossed a tomato back instead of the baseball. A lively battle took place, which seemed like great fun at the time, but in the end Mr. Bellavista's garden had been destroyed. In a touching story of one boy's efforts to make amends, we see the rebuilding of a garden and the forming of a relationship across generations. With luminous, beautifully detailed watercolors, the artist has captured both the sadness and the quiet joy woven throughout the tale.
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