Two Books About Taino Legends!

Who are the Taino people?

Most historians trace their roots to the South American continent before they migrated to the islands near Puerto Rico at about the year 1,000.  Their name – Taino -  means “the good ones” and their legends tell about who they are and what is meaningful to them.

Here are two books by present day authors that share Taino legends – colorful myths and stories that date back at least several hundred years.

How the Sea Began: A Taino Myth

Written and Illustrated By George L. Crespo

If you lived on an island, the sea would probably be an important part of any legend or creation tale.  This creation tale; retold and illustrated by George Crespo, was collected over 500 years ago by a Spanish friar who came to the island now known as Puerto Rico.

Author, painter and sculptor; George Crespo, changed a few minor details but kept a powerful story of how the ocean came into being.  The story involves a family, a great hunter, a big storm and four boys who could not do as they were told.

How did one giant expanse of land turn into a series of islands in a deep blue sea?  You’ll have to check out “How The Sea Began” to get the full story!

Highly recommended!

The Legend of the Hummingbird: A Tale from Puerto Rico

Written by Michael Rose Ramirez

There’s a certain magic to hummingbirds that makes them popular in folktales wherever they are found.  But how did this unusual bird first come to be?

The hummingbird myth from Taino cultures tells of a beautiful young girl and a brave young man.  Unfortunately their parents did not feel they should be friends and so they are separated.

Do they find a way to be together?  And how does the hummingbird come into the story?  This tale of young love and devotion weaves a magical tale around a beautiful creature and may make you think twice the next time you see hummingbird in real life!